Testimonial (3) – “A donation for a cause” campaign


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    Another testimonial from one of our first patient who has already been equipped with the implantable chamber through “A donation for a cause” campaign, with the thoughts of Mariana Dumitrescu:

    “I want to talk about the implantable chambers and the benefit of them. Firstly, the treatment for people reached by cancer is really toxic. Some are healed but it destroys others. I undergo a weekly treatment. Thus, every week, we share the same pain and the inconvenient: hand pain due to the needles, broken veins, edemas, bruises, dry and wrinkled skin. We want nothing but health. We want to enjoy the life.

    The chambers help us a lot. Both, us and the medical staff are relieved of some disagreements that we challenge as a patient. We have to endure sting after sting every weeks.

    When I discovered that I was part of the lucky ones who will benefit from the implantable chamber, I could only enjoy it and thanks the God. I told you about my sufferings with the thought that you can help us and the new patients. You don’t have much. Gather step by step.”