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    The cancer is a consequence of behavioral factors, an adopted lifestyle and, in a smaller way, hereditary factors. Given the current situation – at a global level, around 14 million people are diagnosed with cancer – the prevention is a necessity. Health experts project an increase of the cancer patient cases from 19 million in 2025, to 22 million in 2030 and to 24 million in 2035.

    The 2014 report of the World Health Organization supports the hypothesis that the cancer appears in many cases because of unhealthy habits such as smoking, alcohol consumption, obesity and the lack of physical activities. Other sources of cancer, according to the report, are the infections, the radiations, the air pollution and other environmental elements, but also late parenthood and not breastfeeding in women.

    The prevention can save you from cancer

    Consequently, the primary prevention consists in avoidance of certain chemical factors, radiations, viruses or bacteria. Prevention is linked to the patient’s responsibility, who assumes a lifestyle and the effects of it on his own organism. The scope of the primary prevention is the identification of the risk factors which can lead to the outbreak of a type of cancer and the suppression of these factors. Along to the elimination of the factors, different screening tests are necessary, which can indicates pre-cancerous lesions which need treatment. The screening aims to oversee the evolution of these lesions and to prevent a development into advance and incurable stages.

    The cancer is a disease which does not consider the age, the race or the sex. However, you can opt for not being one of the annual 14 million of people diagnosed with cancer. A responsible lifestyle and frequent controls can save your life.

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