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    Medisprof became in January a corresponding member of the EORTC (European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer).

    EORTC and clinical studies

    What is EORTC?

    The “European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer” is an international association with non-lucrative objective placed under the Belgian law. It directs the clinical studies in Europe since 1962. EORTC is the only organization which realizes clinical studies at an international level on every types of cancer. Its activities allow the data collection from a large quantity of patients, which ensures the reliability and the statistics relevance, without any delay.

    What is the EORTC mission?

    Its mission is to improve the cancer treatments which are currently considered as references and to facilitate the transfer concerning the experimentation findings on reference treatments. Thanks to this vast program of research, more patients are cured, and many live longer, enjoying a better life quality.

    What is the EORTC network extent?

    In order to achieve its goals, EORTC regroups a unique network of 2500 oncologists from more than 300 European institutes. More than thousands patients participate every year to clinical studies lead by the EORTC. Those studies brought a notable increase of survival percentage of cancer reached children, patients with Hodgkin disease, leukemia, melanoma, but also to breast, cervix, prostate, testicular, bladder, pulmonary, larynx, and a lot of other types of cancer, including rare tumors such as brain or sarcoma tumors.

    What a relation EORTC –Medisprof means?

    The relation between EORTC and Medisprof can be defined by three main benefices:

    1. The first is the insurance that the enrollment in a continuous services quality standard, in term of diagnostics and treatments through the participation to tumors workgroups. For example, the quality of clinical trials realized with the EORTC led to the adoption of the ESMO management guidelines for various tumor types.
    2. The second one is the possibility to realize clinical studies with prestigious European academic institutions, which will keep on contributing to huge progress in the oncology field.
    3. The third is the recognition of the services quality and the professionalism of the Medisprof’s medical team.