Comfortable seats for oncology treatments


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    Safety and modern design for Medisprof patients

    In every oncology clinic, in addition to professionalism and modern treatments, an important role is the environment, which helps patients to relax and be more receptive to treatment. At Medisprof we began renovating the clinic to increase the comfort of our patients. The first step was taken recently when we purchased the Bionic seats designed to create a pleasant and animated environment thanks to their vivid colors.

    We challenge you to the following imagination exercise.  You can see below the text a picture of the old chairs in the treatment rooms, which were as functional as the new seats, but less comfortable for the patients. As you scroll through the benefits of the new  Bionic seats, try to visualize them. We guarantee that you will have a surprise at the end of this article!

    What are the advantages of the new seats for our patients?

    • A first advantage is the upholstery that provides comfort in use and the innovative design of the headrest and armrests which ensure the privacy needed during treatment administration.
    • The footplate can be fitted depending on the height and protect the patients during chemotherapy sessions, with the option of being folded when not in use.
    • The seats have five engines that allow adjustments to better suit the needs of the patients. Adjusting the seat position can be done in a simple way by using a remote, controlled by both the medical staff and the patients.

    In a modern clinic, where the strengths are represented by specialists and by the comfort of the patients, the Bionic seats fit harmoniously into our rooms. The confidence in our services is supported by the use of professional equipment  and the strong colors that patients are surrounded by in treatment rooms. Bionic seats combine comfort, functionality and design perfectly, and now favor by easing patients during chemotherapy sessions in our clinic.

    At Medisprof, the care for patients comes first!