AOPR conference: A multidisciplinary approach of cancer in 2014


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    The national medical conference “A multidisciplinary approach of cancer in 2014” is an event initiate by The Romanian Private Oncologist National Association (ANOPR) and sub coordinate by Dr. Adrian UDREA, conjunctively with the Medisprof Association and Diasan medical centre.

    The event will take place at the Hohe Rinne Hotel & Spa Păltiniș, in the Sibiu County, from the 8 to 11 may. Within this conference, we will present international renowned specialists, such as:

    • Dr. Alina MIHAI (Ireland)
    • Assist. Prof. Dr. Bojan ZARIC (Serbia)
    • Dr. Cristian MOLDOVAN (France)
    • Prof. Dr. Xavier PIVOT (France).

    Along with them we will present more that 12 specialists from domain such as oncology, pharmacy, psychology and nutrition. The speakers will introduce the new trends regarding to the treatment of patients reached by cancer. In the same time with a scientific section, we will provide an exposition space for the company from medical and pharmaceutical domains.

    We want through this event to develop the knowledge about the most revolutionary, modern and efficient treatment solution. We are waiting, for this event, the medical field professionals who want to learn, directly from the specialists, about the most benefic and most efficient type of treatment currently available.