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    Most of the sick persons think that the cancer is a fatal disease, and one of the most frequent questions to the medics in the moment of the diagnostic is “how long do I have?”. One of the most important job of the specialist is to explain to the patient the fact that most of cancer types can be treated, if it is discovered in an early stage and can have a favorable prognostic if the patient is informed regarding the disease and respects the establish treatment schema.

    The Medisprof Association has as main scope the support of the cancer patients and their education in order to face the oncological treatment in a better way. The first step in cancer education is the realization of informative booklets, for every cancer types, prevention and symptoms, freely offered to the patients. Through the help of those booklets, the patients will have detailed information about their disease, the usual symptoms during the treatment and information from specialists in oncology.

    How can I help?

    Every day, the Medisprof Association members fight for obtaining the necessary funds for the booklets which will support the patients. We want a fight from which we can be the winner, and for these, we need your help. You can redirect 2% from your revenues tax by filling the 230 form and submit it to our headquarters (if you are located in Cluj-Napoca) or at the ANAF office.

    Dr. Carolina Udrea - General Manager

    Picture: Dr. Carolina Udrea, Medisprof General Manager


    Why is the cancer patients’ education important?

    Often, it happens to be diagnosed with a usual illness and to be afraid because we don’t have enough information about the symptoms or the treatment. The cancer is a complex disease and the quantity of information that a patient needs to assimilate is much bigger. In consequence, a patient, who has recently been diagnosed with cancer, can have a psychical reaction, adverse to the treatment simply because he wasn’t enough informed.

    An informed patient will know how to fight for his life because he knows what he is facing, when a unaware patient will give up on fighting even before starting because of the misconceptions and the myths about the cancer. In order to overcome these concepts, a patient also needs advice from an oncology psychologist.

    Join us in the fight against cancer! Redirect 2% of the revenues tax in order to educate cancer patients!
    Oana Lucaci - Asistent medical

    Picture: Oana Lucaci, Medisprof Medical Assistant