Winter celebrations at Medisprof. Clinic schedule and other news


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    At Medisprof, the patient is a priority – consequently, Medisprof staff will only take a short pause, the 4 legal free days, near Christmas and the New Year:

    • 25 December 2014
    • 26 December 2014
    • 1 January 2015
    • 2 January 2015

    In order to schedule directly for the following period, you can call this number: 0264-439270.

    Christmas celebrated at Medisprof

    At Medisprof, we emphasize on an efficient cooperation between team members in order to offer complex services to our patients. The cooperation is built in time, through daily interactions, but also with teambuilding programs. Teambuilding means qualitative time spent with colleagues, team activities which imply communication, creativity, to go beyond your limits but also to have a lot of fun. We experienced this during the Christmas party, the 4th of December.

    During December the 4th, we created a festive atmosphere, even in the Medisprof clinic. All the employees participated to the party organized as a teambuilding. For few hours we felt great and we strengthen with our co-workers and hardened the feeling of our clinic values belonging.

    A party with a thematic about Christmas also needs to have a customized decoration. Consequently, we summoned the Santa’s elves, Șerban and Brendan, to bring the winter celebration spirit in our clinic. All the decoration performance of the Medisprof Clinic as well as the final result can be seen in the following video:

    For the team building, we organized a treasure hunt in order to go back to the childhood, when we were looking for Santa’s gifts. In fact, all of this teambuilding game was organized with the objective to enhance a homogenized team, based on the involved and responsible people, who gladly work together. A well constructed and responsible team is a strong team which offers suitable services to his patients.

    We selected few moments of this Christmas party for you:

    Last but not least, Medisprof wants to wish a lot of health and happy holidays with the ones you love!

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