The second international symposium: “A multidisciplinary approach in Cancer. New treatment modalities in 2012”


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    The Medisprof Medical Association organized the 14th December 2012 the second international symposium: “A multidisciplinary approach in Cancer. New treatment modalities in 2012”. The event took place at the conference center, at the Belvedere hotel (Cluj-Napoca, Romania) and reunited 120 medics from Transylvania, who had the opportunity to participate at the presentation of important personalities of the medical domain.

    The Cristal Salon of the Belvedere hotel was filled from the first hour through the morning with many medical professionals from different medical specialties who came to assist to scientific presentation. Also, we were pleased to have with us many primary medics, specialists but also residents from gynecology, dermatology and surgery.

    The official opening of the plenary session was realized by Dr. Adrian Udrea, member of the director council of the Medisprof Association, Gheorghe Surubaru, the Mayor’s deputy of Cluj-Napoca and lecturer and Dr. Tudor Ciuleanu.
    The symposium program was divided in four sessions in which were approached many current subject of the oncology domain. The two firsts sessions of presentation mainly aimed family medics regarding to the importance of their early cancer screening. The presentations goal was to contribute to the professional training of the medical professionals with the scope of treating cancer patients in many situations. Among the subjects discussed within these sessions, we remind: the new screening methods and their importance, paraneoplastic cutaneous lesions, post-chemotherapy patients’ fever, painkiller treatment for the cancer patients, supporting patients at their place in the situation when a specialist intervention is impossible, but also the early menopause in breast cancer recovering young women.

    The following sessions were more addressed to specialist with pathology, oncology or gynecology interest, but also to the anatomy-pathology specialized medics. Were also really interesting subjects such as the ones which were dealing with the nutrition in oncology followed by the psychological advices for patients with cancer diagnostics; the role of the paramedical team being essential for the patients. As during the 2011 edition, the interactive aspect of the symposium was respected and transposed through classical methods of communication from the sponsors (well-known stands) to new and modern ways: the mobile plasmas, this approach facilitating the transmission and the information retrieval.

    The symposium value was bigger thanks to the invited speakers: Prof. Dr. Cristian Chiricuta (Limburg, Germany), Dr. Cristian Moldovan (Rouen, France), Dr. Elsa Kalbacher (Besancon, France), Prof. Dr. Rodica Cosgarea, Dr. Andrei Ungureanu, Dr. Larisa Ciule, Dr. Claudia Militaru, Dr. Rares Buiga, Dr. Mihaela Galatar, Dr. Cosmin Lisencu, psiholog Ancuta David, nutritionist dietetician Iulia Tutui.

    Thanks to all of you who were with us at this symposium, and we are waiting for you at the following edition, which will be organized by the Medisprof Association in collaboration with the Romanian National Association of Private Oncologist (ANOPR) during the 11-12 April 2014.

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