Role and benefits of psychology in oncology – Interview with Alexandra Bulea, onco-psychologist at the Medisprof clinic


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    Psychological cares in oncology represents one of the most important factor for patient health protection. Psychological states, which a cancer patient will get through, will make him more vulnerable to the disease, and determine his motivation lack and fight desire against this disease.

    Alexandra Bulea, onco-psychologist at the Medisprof clinic, will tell us about these states that the patients will meet since the moment of the diagnostic and about the benefits of participating to a clinician psychologist meeting.

    Psychologist - Alexandra Bulea

    1. What are the feelings that a cancer patient will experience when he finds out about the diagnostic?

    For you, what would you feel if you hear that you are reached by cancer? Without doubts, the first reactions will be the denial, for example: “it can’t be true”, “I can get sick”, “this can’t be possible true, this is clearly a mistake!”. This tension feeling will determine if the patient will go to another medic and make other medical tests, waiting for confirmation that it is just a nightmare.

    In the next steps, the patients will feel that this disease is an unfair sentence, as a punishment, really often: “Why God gave me this heavy test?” Some patients become highly desperate and powerless against this disease. Other patients resign and are interested about live every days doing something new and become more conscious about the present time. Every patients react differently to the disease, just like everyone reacts differently to a similar situation. These phases and states of mind are dependant of a range of facts: personality type, temperament, the place where the person grew up, his family and many others. Clearly, every person diagnosed with this disease lives tough moments and experiences from a psychological point of view. Also it is important to see this diagnostic as a life test rather than a punishment. It is an alarm signal meaning that we need to change something in our perception, in way of thinking, in our lifestyle, etc.

    What are the benefits of participating to a psychological meeting for patients?

    The cancer represents a disease which enters in a violent way in the life and which, unfortunately implies states of lack and doubts. There is an amalgam of patient feelings such as: deny, despair, fear, anxiety and many other. In this context, psychological support becomes a mandatory element for helping the patients to get back their motivation and to fight against this illness.

    For every patient, there is a defined psychological plan which is improved and based on his needs. The most important benefic effects of the psychology support in oncology patient case are: sensitizing them about the fact they can participate to their own process of healing and cares, reducing the level of stress and anxiety, offering a suitable environment for showing their emotions and thoughts, without fear of being judged, increase the self-esteem and independence, and last but not least, offering support to the patient’s family.

    As you can observe, there is a range of assets in the case of psychological support within the oncology, and in addition, it would be a waste of not enjoying from those aspects. Along with alone therapy format, patients can also opt for a group or family therapy. In special cases, group therapy represents an ideal context because of the fact that the patients can share their personal experiences and more, this can offer a mutual support, through periodicals socialization reunions, for example.

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