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    Why a multidisciplinary in cancer? How much are the use of connection and alternative important? But, especially integrate into a domain, in this case the oncology? The “A multidisciplinary approach of cancer in 2014” conference aims to answer this question for a lot of reasons that justify more than ever, the rooted and daily reality that the patient is seeking the best alternative treatment and an oncologist, ready at any moment to be open to everything that is evolving.

    This evolution doesn’t present itself as a flyer in your mailbox. It means studies and researches, which are confronted to a close attention to many interest areas, especially on which help the patient facing the fear of the disease.

    The conference has an approach oriented to solution, technical diagnostic evolution and treatment, in this direction, here the 3 sections of the event:

    • breast tumors – our approach modality, our techniques and our recent results
    • Gastrointestinal tumors – modern techniques of intervention and diagnostic
    • Section dedicated to medical assistants and paramedical staff – psychology & nutrition

    including a complex and effective therapeutic sequence topics such as castration resistant prostate cancer pathology among seniors, geriatric syndromes or the nutritionist role in an oncological day hospital.

    What the conference seeks to bring differently is a focus on all the aspects that can contribute to improve the services and treatment quality, especially the patient care.


    If you want to be up-to-date with every happening news within oncology in Romania, but also in the world, and you want to be one of the doctors who are part of a positive change, oriented to care and solutions, in the medical system, then you are invited to take part to the “A multidisciplinary approach of cancer in 2014” conference!

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