Medisprof successfully represented during the “16th World Congress of Psycho-Oncology and Psychosocial Academy” at Lisbon.


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    Medisprof offers to the patients, oncology services, consultations and modern treatment, but also services of psychology and nutrition. As you know, the patient comes first, and nowadays, the cares quality for cancer patients needs to include psychosocial cares. This year, the International Psycho-Oncology Society (IPOS) celebrated the 30 years of the organization through a conference in Lisbon, at which has also participated our colleague, clinical psychologist, Ancuţa David.

    The conference was held between the 20 and 24 October 2014 and approached:

    • Aspects regarding to the new perspectives in clinical cares
    • New figures from the researches
    • Innovating educational programs

    The conference has been presented by professionals who demonstrated the fact that integrate a psychosocial dimension in the clinic care improves the treatment results on patients.

    During this conference, Ancuţa David participated to two workshops:

    1. “Multi-Component Survivorship Programs: From Development and Delivery to National Dissemination” – within this workshop, a “survivorship” program was presented for the patients diagnosed with a prostate cancer, implemented by the Tom Baker Cancer Care from Calgary, Canada. Have been described: support programs for taking decisions in the treatment context, interventions in order to promote physical activities related to the cancer recovery, interventions focused on the sexuality and the couple intimacy, interventions for helping the patients and their life partners to face the secondary effects of the oncology treatment.

    2. “Coping with fatigue and other side-effects of cancer and cancer treatments” – within this second workshop, have been presented aspects regarding to the secondary symptoms they can suffers due to the cancer treatment, the causes of these symptoms apparition, the prevention and the control techniques of it.

    Still within the conference, our colleague has successfully represented Medisprof with a poster (“Scalp cooling system in preventing chemotherapy-induced alopecia: a pilot-study on 108 patients- a Romanian Oncology- day hospital experience”) which highlighted the professionalism of oncology clinics through the use of the Dignicap technology. The poster was appreciated by the congress participants, while promoting the improvement of life quality of oncology patients during their medical journey in Romania.

    Every event participation, national or international, represent another step for a better life quality of cancer sufferer. Our colleague, Ancuta, told us at her congress return that:

    “The participation to this congress was a useful and notable but also special and inspiring experience. It was extraordinary that for few days, I feel that what I do (psychology interventions in the oncology domain) is appreciated and can be shared scientifically with members of IPOS, that we learn from the others, that we bond with new collaborators and friends.”

    We are delighted that the specialists experience was brought also to the clinic, and then that it will improve the quality of the services we offer to our patients!