Medisprof has participated to the Medical Services and Corporal Cares fair


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    During the three days of the fair, the Medisprof team had the occasion to observe the reaction of those who met with the words “oncology” and “cancer”. The reaction was natural, but in the same time, one who doesn’t learn a lot concerning the prevention and the maturity to accept that the cancer is the globally common, whether or you your eyes turn when you have in sight a poster about “chemotherapy”.

    We were also glad to meet people who wanted to learn more, who took a flyer with information, who donated for the Medisprof Association – for the cancer patient’s support –, who listened to the advices concerning the prevention and the importance of healthy lifestyle.

    The cancer is not a choice, but prevention is.

    Therefore, we encourage you to always be informed about the cancer prevention methods, to do some physical activity and to support the people who don’t want to be defined by their disease but by the experience they live.
    Within the Medical Services and Corporal Cares fair, we earned the amount of 123 Lei from the participant’s donations. A part of those donations were received also thanks to the help of Ancăi Odagescu, from the adjacent stand, Ecosense România, whom we want to thanks them for their implication.

    The participants who donated for the cancer patients had the opportunity to win a t-shirt Infinity/Redbull as a tombola prize. With the extraction of the site, the prize winner is Antonia Mandras! The prize will be available the week at the Medisprof clinic headquarter.

    Redirect 2% for the support of cancer patients by fill the 230 form with your information. The form can be downloaded here.