Medisprof Association and the CS Manastur support cancer patients


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    The Medisprof Association participate this weekend to an international sport event, to be accurate, the friendly rugby match between CS Manastur and The Budapest Exiles. This sport event will also be a charitable one.

    During the match, the participants will be able to give Leu (Romanian currency) for cancer patients, within the PitStops 4 Life campaign, organized by the Medisprof Association with The main objective of the PitStops 4 Life campaign is to educate the patients reached by cancer. The funds collected through this campaign will be used by the Medisprof Association for creating brochures with explications concerning every cancer types, which will be given for free to the cancer patients.

    All the participants who donate*, will automatically participate to a tombola organized by the Medisprof Association. The prizes brought into the game are:
    – An Infiniti/Redbull shirt
    – A Monster t-shirt
    – A cup

    Below, you can find the event program for this weekend:
    7th March:

    – 2pm: first match between the women teams U Cluj and Budapest Exiles
    – 2.30pm: friendly international rugby match between CS Manastur and The Budapest Exiles
    – 4.15pm: second match between the women teams U Cluj and Budapest Exiles

    The Medisprof Association was created in 2011 and mainly aims to support and to improve oncology medical network in Romania, in term of health professionals training but also with the perspective of supporting cancer patients.

    * Minimum amount is 10 Lei per person

    We were glad to participate on Saturday 7 March , to the rugby match between CS Manastur and Budapest Exiles, which was won by the CS Manastur 38-0. During the match , the supporters donated 133 Lei to support cancer patients, and three of them has won the prizes offered within the tombola.

    1. The Infiniti/Redbull shirt

    2. The Monster t-shirt

    3. The cup Mercedes AMG

    Thank a lot to all of those who donated for the cancer patients and we are glad that you support a healthy lifestyle through the sport.

    For those who want to keep on supporting the cancer patients, you can do it within the 2% redirection of revenues taxes to Medisprof Association. Join us in the fight for the life!