Leukemia prevention – Interview of Dr. Crina Seceac


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    Prevention is important in every cancer types. Last week, Camelia Moldovan, Medisprof nutritionist, discussed about the nutrition in leukemia case and about adopting a healthy lifestyle, for a cancer patient.

    In today’s article, Dr. Crina Seceac, Oncology medic specialist at the Medisprof clinic, talks to us about the risk factors in leukemia apparition and about the prevention methods for this cancer type.

    Dr. Crina Seceac

    1. What are the risk factors in leukemia appearance

    Main risk factors in leukemia apparition are:
    – exposition to high level of radiation or an intense exposition to a small dose of radiation with weak energy of a electromagnetic field.
    – long-term exposition to different pesticides and chemical industrial substances such as benzene
    – are also incriminated genetic factors, for example some anomalies such as Down syndrome can have a role in the leukemia development
    – smoking is not a direct cause but increases the risk of acute myeloblastic leukemia

    Furthermore, most of leukemia (with exception of the acute lymphoblastic leukemia) are more frequent with advance age. People who received chemotherapeutic or radiotherapy treatment for a type of cancer has higher risks of developing any form of leukemia.

    2. Name a measure of leukemia prevention

    Leukemia prevention is possible by avoiding exposition to the mentioned risk factors such as smoking, exposition to benzene and to big doses of irradiation.

    3. How can we screen leukemia in time

    There is no screening test for early diagnostic of leukemia. Common laboratory analysis, periodical, by the family medic or a medic specialist can identify the presence of a leukemia form before patient first symptom.

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