Joining psychology with oncology – Interview with our clinical psychologist, Ancuța David


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    The cancer is a complex disease, which affects both the sick person’s body and also his psychological state. From when they discover the diagnostic, the patients experiment doubts, powerlessness and fury which create vulnerability against the disease.

    Our scope is to improve the life quality for cancer patients, but especially to give them back optimism. Thus, through the meetings with the clinical psychologist, we offer cares to our patients in order for them to overstep every stages of the illness, from the initial phase of diagnostic to the post-treatment phase.

    Regarding the importance of these meetings with our psychology counselor, the emotions and the lives of the cancer patients, we will discuss below with our colleague, Ancuța David – Psychologist at Medisprof.

    Ancuta David


    1.What are the motivations for which you oriented yourself in the oncology?
    I can’t say what oriented me or why I chose the oncology. It’s rather the oncology which chose me! With every patient with whom I have interactions, I realize that it is my way on the professional plan.

    2.What is the psychologist mission in oncology?
    Everybody reacts differently to the crisis. The manner a cancer diagnostic is transmitted will probably influence the way of how a patient will react to the crisis situation in the future. The psychologist offers cares and an “adaptation” strategy for the patient and his relatives. This strategy focuses on the comprehension and the acceptance of the difficulties they are going through and offers tools which can be useful.

    3.How do you prepare yourself for the meetings with the patients, within the Medisprof clinic?
    Beside the fact that I study the medical file of the patient with who I’m staying for a discussion in order to be familiar with his case, I don’t prepare myself in any way. I consider that the interaction with the oncology patient have to be as natural as possible, for him to create a feeling of safety and trust. Every meeting is unique, for each patient it’s different, even though it seems that their needs are the same. Every time I report the patient needs, I always try to feel it, to have the intuition of his state, to anticipate his expectations, to try to give them some space and time so they don’t feel any pressure or obligations to do something else beside the chemotherapy.

    4.How was your first meeting with a cancer patient?
    I remember with a lot of affection and nostalgia the beginning of my way with the patients reached by cancer. I was preparing a therapeutic plan, conform to the international guidelines and protocols, studying the patient medical file (a young patient, from Galați, Romania, for her last chemotherapy session, with a diagnostic of right breast carcinoma, who was about to have surgery). I think that from the entire schema, I only kept the beginning, the formalities, after, everything came by itself and all my emotions disappeared. It was the first sign that I was where I’m supposed to be, doing what I have to do and that it is the way I was looking for.

    5.Is there a particular story, one with a cancer reached patient which specifically impressed you and you want to share?
    Every patient has an impressive story. There are many stories that I will always keep in my heart and remember. From every patient, I learn something; every patient is a life lesson for me and every stories remind me that life is precious.

    6.For the end, can you tell us few thoughts for the patients of Medisprof?
    The experience of this disease is one of the most complicated to imagine and to understand. A lot of patients lose faith and hope, the one which cause them to lose their balance and life meaning. What I want to transmit everyday to the patients is that this state is absolutely normal in this situation; every one of us lives it once. However, when you don’t have any more faith, it is important to be surrounded by people who have faith and hope, who think that it can work well and take care, don’t judge, don’t blame, don’t give advices, who are only here for you. By observing this behavior every day, you will inevitably succeed to take over!

    Ancuța is more than a dedicated psychologist, she’s the confident of our patients and it is the care which a lot of patients and families are looking for. During the following meetings with Ancuța, our patients rediscover the desire of life and the optimism needed in order to triumph in fight with cancer.

    For more information regarding to the oncology treatments of Medisprof, contact us to the following phone number: 0264 439 270.