Oncology theme lecture for family doctors and medical assistants


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    Family doctors and medical assistants are expected at the oncology theme lecture which will take place the 12 & 13 December at the conference center of the Topaz hotel in Cluj-Napoca. Organized by the Medisprof Association, the workshop will focus on the procedure problematic concerning diverse cancer type screening, as well about the importance of implantable chamber in medicine intravenous administration.


    During the 3rd edition, the oncology screening lecture for family doctors will discuss about all the techniques that can detect cancer before the manifestation of symptoms. “This educational project aims to prepare the family doctors to look at the screening procedure in cancer cases of breast, colon, prostate, cervix, but also in other cancer location. The screening is a modality which helps the early detection of the disease and contributes to increase the chance of favorable prognostics. The lecture which was organized in September in Targu-Mures and Bistrita, where had received an important interest from the participating doctors, due to the diversity of topics and the news presented” states Dr. Andrei Ungureanu, Medical Oncologist.


    The implantable chamber themed workshop is addressed to special medical assistant, but the module can be assist by family doctors. The lecture will focus on the cytostatic peripheral intravenous, the complication and difficulties encountered in this procedure, and the role and implantation of the device, theoretical plenary sessions will be held by oncologists and surgeons. The practical aspects of the implantable chamber use will be presented in details by medical assistants specialized in this type of devices. “In occident, the implantable chambers are widely used since more than 12 years; in Romania the device is not well known. In the oncological domain, these devices significantly reduce the toxicity of the cytostatics, and the substances faster reach the central venous system of the patient, but they can also be used for the antibiotics administration, perfusion, blood sample and contrast solution injection for RMN and CT” add Dr. Adrian Udrea, Senior medical oncologist.


    The lecture is credited with EMC points and is part of bigger project of the Medisprof Association in which offers to train medical staff across the country with screening methods in oncology and the use of implantable chambers. During this year, other seminars will be organized in other cities of Romania.


    The Medisprof Association was founded in 2011 in Cluj-Napoca, its main objective is to develop are: support and improve the oncological medical network in Romania, promote and support a policy of early cancer detection and a risk factor reduction in the exposed population, but also to support an educative and professional activity at the specialized medical staff level.