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    As mentioned before in another article, in the context of the national medical conference ““A multidisciplinary approach of cancer in 2014”, we will bring international renowned medical specialist who will present the latest news regarding to the cancer treatment.

    We will start the conference with a section named pulmonary tumors – interdisciplinary and personalized medicine, in which Prof. Alina MIHAI will present the role of stereotactic ablative radiotherapy in the lung cancer treatment. In the discussion panel, we will also introduce Assist. Prof Dr. Bojan Zaric, Dr. Răzvan Curca and Conf. Dr. Tudor Ciuleanu.

    In the next section, named Breast tumor – new approach modality, new techniques and recent results, Dr. Cristian Moldovan and Prof. Xavier Pivot will bring to the participants the latest statistics and treatment methods regarding to breast tumor.

    The section gastrointestinal tumor – modern intervention and diagnostic techniques will be presented by Dr. Adrian Cătinean, Dr. Florin Graur, Dr. Adina Croitoru and Conf. Dr. Gabriel Prada who will approach, by step, themes such as the modern techniques of diagnostic regarding to the gastrointestinal tumor, customization of gastric tumors, seniors pathology and geriatric syndromes.

    The last section will be dedicated to medical assistant and paramedical staff, such as psychology and nutrition. As we are used to see, our approach concerning the cancer is not limited to the medical treatment, but also to methods and therapies which complete and help the treatment engaged by the patient. Thus, in that panel, we will present the assets of the implantable chambers use in chemotherapy and the ones of the Dignicap® system. In this section we will show why it is benefic for the patient to give importance to nutrition and why it is recommended to have an integrated psychological support.

    We invite you to follow us, here, on the blog, to discover about the complete conference program, in few days!