Breast cancer: care advices for the skin affected by the oncology treatment effects


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    In many cases, in order to treat a breast cancer, the specialist prescribes chemotherapy or radiotherapy sessions. In both cases, it is important to understand the adverse effects of these sessions on the skin, since the first treatment weeks.

    Adverse effects on the skin – breast cancer treatment

    1. Pigmentation modification: if the color is clear, the color can change from pink to red, just like a sunburn. If the color is dark, the changes are minor.
    2. Irritation: because of the treatment with radiation, the skin is more sensible and easy to irritate, especially in armpit and chest area. To the people who had many chemotherapy or radiotherapy sessions, irritation can appear on bigger skin portion and be more aggressive.
    3. Sensibility: as mentioned before, the skin is more sensible during the entire period of the treatment, but also when is ended. Because of this, it is possible that pains appear which can be decreased by the help of analgesics, recommended by your specialist.
    4. Exfoliating: By the end of the treatment, skin exfoliation can appear like in sunburn cases.

    In order to reduce these adverse effects of the oncology treatment, you can use the following advices:

    1. Avoid wearing molded clothes, which can increase the skin problems after treatment.
    2. Avoid hot showers. Prefer showers with tepid water which will clam the pains.
    3. Protect the irradiated skin to direct sun exposition. This doesn’t mean that you will have to renounce to summer sunny days. Use clothes and accessories which will prevent sun rays to hurt your skin, at least for the post-treatment period.
    4. Avoid chlorine exposition, for example from in a swimming pool.
    5. Wear clothes from cotton fabrication. You will be more comfortable in it and the skin will have time to heal.

    You can also receive the chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment without feeling any adverse effects on the skin if you use the advices from above. Don’t let the pain and the skin sensibility, appeared after a radiation treatment, block you to enjoy your life. Moreover, oncology psychologists of the Medisprof clinic recommend to the patients an active life, with many relaxing actions.

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