5 years along with cancer patients


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    In 2010, the Medisprof clinic opened the oncology department, with the scope to become a national reference in term of cancer treatment. In 5 years, we succeed to support cancer patients by offering modern treatments and technologies which can improve the patient’s life quality.

    The team of professional medics, along with specialists in nutrition, psychology placed the Medisprof clinic within one of the best oncology clinic of the country. Our clinic is one among the few ones which isn’t only focused on the cancer patient’s treatment but also implements with new technologies, realizes clinical studies and organizes oncology events at a national level.

    During these 5 years happened many important moments which helped the creation of the fame of our clinic in the oncology domain, in Romania.

    Key moments

    2011: Creation Medisprof Association. The association was founded with the goal of supporting the patients with cancer by collecting funds for treatments and associative activities, but also by constantly collecting information concerning the methods of cancer prevention.
    February 2012: Introduction of the DigniCap System. Medisprof was the first the unique medical clinic in Eastern Europe who transposed a new and revolutionary technology in the oncology domain, the DigniCap System, used during the chemotherapy sessions for hair loss prevention.
    April 2012: Opening of the first medical coffee of the Romanian online community. Through the blog, patients along with others can interact in direct with the qualified staff of the Medisprof team. The objective of this coffee was to strengthen the relation medic-patient and to constantly improve the clinic services thanks to the patient’s suggestions.
    September 2012: Introduction of the implantable chambers. In order to ensure the comfort of the patients during the chemotherapy treatment administration, Medisprof introduced the Port-A-Cath chambers, which ensure an easy and sure access to the vein.
    December 2012: Foundation of the ANOPR (Romanian National Association of Private Oncologists). ANOPR unites the main medical units of the private oncology area in Romania, with the scope of contributing to the development of the medical network and to offer quality European standard in medical services to the patients.
    Octomber 2013: Beginning of the « A donation for a cause » campaign. The campaign lasted 3 months with the main goal of freely offering, to cancer patient, 100 implantable chambers.

    Dascălu-Radu Viorica: “I felt many time the pain, discomfort, repeated stings of the chemotherapy treatment on the venous system trough cannula. I’m delighted and happy of being to one the 100 lucky patients who will receive an implantable chamber of the ‘Donation for cause’ campaign. I don’t know how can we thank those who help the many patients in reducing the pain!”

    January 2014: : Creation of the ANFOR (National association of oncology pharmacists of Romania).
    May 2014: : Organization of the first oncology conference at a national level by the Medisprof Association. The conference “A multidisciplinary approach of cancer in 2014. New modalities of treatment in 2014” took place at Sibiu (Romania) and brought together oncology medics, surgeons, gynecologists, lung specialists, gastroenterologists and other specialists.

    Professional environment, satisfied patients

    • Medics team. Within the oncology section at the Medisprof clinic, there is a team of medics and assistants who is dedicated to patients (the patient is the most important value for the Medisprof clinic. Medisprof patients have consultations and full analysis, after what is established a customized treatment schema. Also, at the clinic level exists specialists in nutrition and psychology, prepared for supporting the patients in every stages of the disease, from the initial phase of diagnostic to the post-treatment one.

    Echipa medici

    Picture: Medisprof doctor team

    Echipa asistenti

    Picture: assistant team

    • Clinical study. During the 5 years, 43 clinical studies were realized, 30 are closed and 13 are in progress. Medisprof became in January the corresponding member of the EORTC (European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer).
    • Technologies. Along with treating different types of cancer, another preoccupation of the Medisprof clinic is to ensure the patients comfort during the medicine treatment sessions. Consequently, Medisprof patients can opt for implantable chambers, which role is to reduce the numbers of stings applied for the treatment, or for the system of head cooling, the Dignicap, in order to prevent hair loss.DigniCap
    • Patient figures. In 5 years, the Medisprof clinic has recorded more than 2600 patients and more than 12000 consultations.

    With the help a team of professional doctors, of the clinical studies and the technologies, we succeed to bring optimism to our patients.

    Marchis Mariana-Irina (age: 51): “there is, within your clinic, a team of professional medics and assistants, very well prepared and with a lot of soul”
    Mezei Ildiko (age: 51): “I like the attitude of the whole team, they are serious, really kind, they encourage us, they bring back the happiness.”
    Iliuță Augustin (age: 77): “I noticed that there is a strong preoccupation for resolving healt problems of every patients, personalized”.
    Simion Liliana (age: 47): “Medisprof – the place where an extraordinary team fight death and for me defeated it!”
    Bodale Gavril, (age: 59): “Thanks to Dr. Claudia Militaru and the other medical professionals, to their dedication and to their professionalism, my health situation has been really improved.”


    Those 5 years were a step in direction of the main scope of the Medisprof clinic, which is to become a national reference in cancer treatment. We thank all of those who were along with us and who fought cancer with us!

    We will keep on supporting the prevention in oncology and the healthcares and we will fight for increasing the life quality of our patients. Join us just like before and support cancer patients!